Pune Redevelopment Forum

Over the last two decades, Pune has grown tremendously owing to the boost in the information technology and the automobile sectors. With more youth migrating to the city to pursue education and careers, the real estate segment has seen an exponential growth. The city, once known for its wadas, is growing into a metro, making way for new properties and townships.

However, an analysis shows that though the increase in construction has been massive, there is scope for more. New Punekars are happy move away from centre of the city and enjoy modern lifestyle. However, the new generation residents of Wadas and old buildings staying in the old areas are expecting stylish and modern homes suitable and comfortable for their new lifestyle.

Welcome to PRF

Welcome to PRF

These areas are in prime locations hence redevelopment provides the young generation with new stylish and modern homes. Everyone is attached emotionally to these houses as they are homes of their childhood, hence redevelopment provides them with the benefit of staying at the same place but in a new stylish home with modern facilities, spaciousness and the most of all parking space.

Going through this news experience of Redevelopment process is new and unknown to many of them. People have many questions and queries in their mind. Authentic source of information is unavailable and negotiations with developers are taking long time. Someone is needed to address important issues such as the challenges and importance of property redevelopment, process and procedures of deemed conveyance, government guidelines on redevelopment, documentation and more. Pune Redevelopment Forum is here to fill this gap. PRF works as a common platform for residents, new home-buyers, authorities, consultants and developers working in this sector.

As a platform Pune Redevelopment Forum (PRF) aims document all updates, information and trends taking place in the city around ‘Re-development’ of Old Wadas, Bungalows and Societies.

PRF is also committed to educate citizens, both the societies and the developers, about the benefits of redevelopment. We will also take special efforts to provide solutions to all queries residents have regarding the subject. We wish to be simple, honest, fair and transparent and we are strongly against ‘taking sides’.

PRF is here to create a common platform for residents, new home-buyers, authorities, consultants and developers working in this sector and create positive yet analytical environment towards building better society.